2016 Grand Final Weekend

As the team I support lost, Sydney Swans, I am actually a little hesitant to say anything for fear of being labelled a sore loser. But here’s just a little of what I will say.

Firstly I’m not going to dwell on the amount of free kicks the Western Bulldogs got compared to the Sydney Swans because even if this is a big gap you have to look at if they were warranted. I believe there can be a decent gap between the two figures without the umpires being labelled one sided as one team may be playing in such away that they’re giving away lots. Having said that I also believe that there were quite a few free kicks given that clearly should not have been.

I’m also the sort of person that is willing to call it when their team have played particularly bad and get very annoyed at them, but still love them of course, insert smiley face here. For example I’m the first to admit we didn’t show up for the 2014 Grand Final, we just weren’t on our game at all and had no one to blame but ourselves.

But this year’s Grand Final was disappointing to watch due to the amount of mistakes made by the umpires, yes the Bulldogs played well and I can’t take that away from them but the umpiring was particularly bad, especially for the biggest game of the season. I believe I would have said this if the Swans weren’t in the Grand Final and I saw the same display of umpiring.


Alternatively I also watch the NRL Grand Final over the weekend and as a neutral viewer as I didn’t support either team I really thought the referees did a great job, I think it was quality and good decisions were made.

It was great to see a fair contest and to see the Sharks play well and win their first Premiership.

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