Adler A110 Shotgun

Firstly, I have a firearms licence and I own some old guns of my Grandfathers and an air rifle of my own, I enjoy shooting both targets and hunting pest animals that cause damage to native flora and fauna, and are running in out of control numbers damaging farm land etc. I don’t love guns like some people love guns but I do enjoy the sport of shooting.

Having said that I am very thankful for Australia’s tight gun control laws and I actually think they are about right where they are at now. After having gone through the processes of getting my licence and then renewing it I don’t think it should be any easier to get, but I also don’t think it should be any harder. Maybe there are little ways that it can be improved but on the whole I think it’s good.

In regards to the Adler A110 Shotgun that is currently being debated as to whether it should be legal or not I’d be happy if it weren’t allowed. I’ll probably annoy a few friends writing this but I don’t think that we don’t need faster firing guns, we don’t need to be able to fire 8 shots in 8 seconds. I’m not against all new guns, I’m happy to see improvements made to things like accuracy and comfort but I don’t see why you need to fire so many shots so quickly.

The thing is also that this weapon in a version that holds five shots can already be legally imported into Australia and then modified to shoot up to 11 shots without reloading. That’s ridiculous, there’s no need for that.

I’ve seen some articles where people are arguing that it would be great for farmers and pest control, but to be honest I’ve seen a pump action shotgun in use and that is fast enough in my mind.

Pump action shotguns are harder to get as not just anyone with a firearms licence can get them but you have to be a primary producer. I don’t understand why a primary producer needs a quicker firing gun then a pump action though, it would have to be a very good argument to convince me that they do, but I don’t see it happening. I think the possibility of these weapons landing in the wrong hands far outweighs any reason a farmer, or any civilian who would be able to legally access them, might come up with.

Yes the argument would be that they would tightly follow the laws surrounding gun purchases to ensure they only go to rightful owners, but here’s the thing, the more of them that are legally in Australia the more that are available to be stolen. Gun theft happens just like any other theft, no matter how good a gun safe is they still get stolen.

I understand people wanting the latest technology in almost all areas of life but I just don’t think weapons is something that we need to advance for civilians.

The saying that really gets to me is “guns don’t kill people; people kill people”. Firstly, they do at times, they accidentally go off, there’s arguments against that I’m sure but if they didn’t exist that couldn’t happen. But more importantly guns in the wrong hands kill people.

Unfortunately people in this world are always looking to get around the system and I’m sure they would do the same to the gun laws and firearms application process. Therefore some people who shouldn’t own firearms are still able to buy them over the counter.

But on top of that no matter how tight your gun laws are they are unfortunately not going to stop people obtaining them illegally. Yes our borders are protected well but there is far to much freight that comes into the country to check every piece of it so illegally imported firearms can still slip through the cracks along with all the other illegal products. But even if you could somehow stop the illegal importation of firearms completely and only allow the legal imports they can still fall into the wrong hands after entering the country.

It’s unfortunate that the military need to keep upgrading their weapons technology, but I just don’t see why civilians need to.

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