**Breaking News** Stabbing in Hornsby

Last night it happened again, yet another stabbing in Hornsby which begs the question “What is this town turning into?”

My contact on the ground tells me that a tussle broke out over a game of backgammon at the Hornsby Railway Hotel. It has shocked the town as both men play on the local polo team and are long time teammates.

“I haven’t seen them ever raise their voice at one another, but then one man took his glove off and slapped the other across the cheek with it, that’s when a third man stepped in and was stabbed! I sat back sipping my Shandy thinking gosh that escalated quickly” Said a man who wish not to be named.

The publican has declined to comment on the incident.

More to follow… if we can get past the security gates to the estates of those who may have witnessed the attack.

Chris Waghorn

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