Nowhere High – Car Badge Collecting

Another Nowhere High school story for those interested:

Sitting in class one day I was having a chat to another student as there was nothing really interesting going on and the conversation turned to that of his hobby. He loved to collect car badges, without the permission of the owners of those cars that he took them from. Nonetheless it’s what he liked to do to keep himself busy and was a bit if a passion of his.

I was a little bit intrigued and asked when he would practice his hobby, how he would go about it, and all questions like that. I was interested in knowing how he did it without getting caught and how he got the badges off. I mean had no intention of doing it myself but I’m an inquisitive man and one who didn’t understand those that went out of their way to steal stuff.

I did mention to him how cool I thought they looked. They were usually metal like badges finished really nicely and you basically only got them if you bought the whole car. But also that I wouldn’t go stealing badges for lots of reasons.

Our conversation was abruptly ended as he puts his hand up and asks to go to the bathroom. Fair enough, we’ll continue it when he gets back I thought.

On his return though I was shocked when he quietly passed me a “Ford” badge and when I asked where it came from he said he had just got it off of a car. I asked him a couple of questions and that’s when he told me that the car belonged to the teacher who was currently teaching us. Stunned and not knowing what to do I quickly put it in my pencil case and then after class, not wanting to have anything to do with it threw it in the bin.

The lesson I learned from this incident was that sometimes it seems I need to be more careful of the conversations I have with people.

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