Dubbo Water Contaminated!! Panic!!

I don’t know if people are classic over reactors or if I’m one who under reacts to situations but the Boil Water Alert issued for parts of Dubbo hasn’t had me jumping up and down like it has others.

There’s been a few articles on it but let’s look at this one: BOIL WATER ALERT: Residents in North, Central and South Dubbo warned not to drink tap water | Update

I could quote the whole thing and say this is why I’m not panicking, but for instance I read this “Dubbo Regional Council Director of Technical Services Stewart McLeod said the contaminants were found during regular testing “late last week”.” and think, oh well if it was serious they would have informed everyone immediately, that is late last week, so no need to panic if they aren’t panicking. Then you read on and see that normal protocol is to retest, so obviously they are following the correct procedures that would have be written to ensure safety of residents without causing undue panic.

Then I get to this later in the article “You wouldn’t normally expect to get sick from the exposure that we think people might have had but that’s for individuals to make that assessment themselves” and I think cool, if I drank it I still shouldn’t really be at risk.

Now I know that the first articles written on this didn’t have that quote in it but still it annoys me a little when you look at social media and how initial reactions are to scream complaints at Council. Whinging, asking why we weren’t told last week, blah blah blah.

I just don’t get the default attitude of having to play the blame game and start yelling before all details are known. I also don’t get the panic of some people, all you have to do is boil water before drinking it. Yeah that’s a slight inconvenience but it won’t be forever and 99% of the time no one ever worries about the quality of our drinking water, something we are blessed with unlike too large a portion of the world.

I don’t know,  sometimes I wonder if I’m a little naïve but this isn’t a big deal and I don’t think we need to be clearing out the local supermarkets of bottled water. It’s an inconvenience, yes look after kids and everyone else, boil water, but don’t panic just go with the flow and ride it out.

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One thought on “Dubbo Water Contaminated!! Panic!!

  • November 9, 2016 at 7:12 pm

    It would’ve been nice to have had those statements at work at 11.30 on Monday morning…oh, and the map!!! Would’ve saved the school lots of coin and man hours!!! Supermarkets and neverfail benefited quite well!!


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