Dust Bakery – Tramsheds, Harold Park, NSW

I had a great weekend in Sydney of which the highlight was a Food Safari with my brother the baker on Saturday. Our day started off at Dust bakery and we went on to spend the rest of our day eating at different places. It was fantastic.

Dust is more than a bakery though, it’s also a mill and pizzeria and is located at Tramsheds in Harold Park. Which, as the name suggests, is the old tram sheds that have been converted into a fantastic venue containing mostly restaurants and other food shops.

I’d seen a little bit about the Dust bakery on the internets and it was one of the places I most wanted to go. I had read that they had their own stone mill and milled their own organic flour.

How cool does the mill look?!

Dust bakery - Stone flour mill

Dust bakery - Tramsheds, Harold Park

Sorry about all the reflections and that, the light streams into this place making it difficult to find an angle without any. #SoUnprofessional… Anyway…

So we’re hanging around looking at the machinery, my brother talking all things baking when the owner of Dust bakery comes out. As usual with my brother next thing we know we’re inside looking at the mill and finding out all about it. Then he and the owner talk other baking secrets and are looking at other things while I’m just trying to keep up, nod and throw in the odd noise to make it seem like I know what they’re talking about.

I must admit that I made a food bloggers rookie error while here. I got caught up in the place and talking and listening and didn’t take anywhere near enough photos.

But let me tell you, their product is amazing. You have to go there. They only use yeast in a couple of breads, the rest they use cultures to get it to rise. They have woodfired pizza, other delicious food, and some of their breads are even cooked in the pizza oven. Yum.

Dust Bakery food

As usual we were sure to grab something to take home, the bread below is their Village Loaf and is a great bread.

Dust - Village loaf

Village Loaf by Dust bakery

We were planning on returning to get a pizza, and we still will one day, but couldn’t fit it in. We had every intention of picking one up when we returned later in the day with friends to eat more. But we couldn’t fit another thing in and wanted to taste it when it was still hot so left it for another time.

We did get to try more of Dust’s bread at our next stop though which was a pop up store that they did in collaboration with another restaurant at Tramsheds. But you will have to wait until the next post to find out about that.

As a side note I feel I need to do Dust a little more justice and go back, eat a whole lot more and update this post. 😉

I give Dust an easy 8 yeast free loaves out of 10.


Bakery, pizzeria & mill at the Tramsheds, Harold Park.
8am till late
1 Dalgal Way, Forest Lodge, NSW


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