Ford Mustang

I’m not very good at making decisions as some would know but there is one thing I know for sure, I’m not a Ford man. One big reason I’m not is reliability, I’ve owned/driven a Ford or two over the years and just had to pay for so many repairs as they just don’t seem to have the longevity of other brands, they just break down, in my experience.

Then there is the look, more often than not they have not impressed me in the design department at all. Maybe some of their smaller cars at times have been ok, but their larger flagship type vehicles have never looked as good as other brands. I guess sometimes they may have come close but the majority of times they have just missed the mark, and sometimes by a very long margin.

I guess if someone gave me an XR6 or XR8 I would maybe drive it as who could pass up a freebie, but yeah I would struggle to fork out money for one.

Then one day I see the back of this car from a distance in the supermarket car park and think “what is that?!” it looked good, sporty, had a good stance and shape, so I went around the front and saw it was the new Ford Mustang. I felt dirty.

I couldn’t believe it. Ford has done well, really well, with this car. If I had the money to own one I would cop the crap from my staunch Holden supporting cousins and friends for this car. Though, to be completely honest, if I had that amount of money to throw around on a car I would think long and hard about what I would own and quite possibly settle on another brand. Ok, so if I won one I wouldn’t sell it just because it was a Ford.

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