Guzman y Gomez – Charlestown, Newcastle

Guzman y Gomez is a franchise of course so you’d imagine you get roughly the same wherever you go… hopefully.

I’ve been here before and the food is always of good standard, it’s tasty, it’s a bit different, although over the last few years there’s been a bit of boom in Mexican food so it’s becoming a lot more common.

I don’t know why by I’ve been to a couple of different Mexican take away’s that put cold ingredients with hot and that just doesn’t work, especially when you wrap it altogether in a burrito.

There was a slight bit of this going on with my meal but not enough to make me annoyed and hate it. My choice today was the Burrito Bowl.

I saw them making one in the kitchen area in the back half of the shop and it reminded me of a Halal Snack Pack, which I thought was a great idea, lose the burrito wrap and pile the filling in.

When I opened it I realised that one of the big differences between a franchise and an independent is the serving size. The Burrito Bowl didn’t contain as much as I expected, but I guess that expectation comes from visiting so many places recently that when they give you a serving they give you almost enough to fill up 2 adults. Whereas as expected of a franchise everything is carefully measured to maximise profit for them.

So serving size could have definitely been bigger, it almost seemed like I only got as much filling as I would have had I ordered the Burrito less the wrap but a few corn chips thrown in.

Anyway, it tasted great, serving sizes are actually big enough but just don’t expect to be blown away by them, or don’t be greedy like me, and you will eat it again. It’s what you expect from any of the bigger franchises except it does taste fresher and a lot lighter on the grease and oil, and better tasting ingredients.

They also have Gluten Free dishes.

I give it 3.5 enchiladas out of 5.


Guzman y Gomez

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