Halal Snack Pack – TC Brothers, Bankstown

Whenever I come to Sydney I always have to have to go and get something to eat with my brother Colin at least once, but usually multiple times. We don’t just go sipping lattes and eating scones on the cafe scene though, no, his approach to food is much much better.

Colin is to food what Phil Liggett is to Cycling, what Les Murray is to Football (soccer), what Richie Benaud was to Cricket, what Patches O’Houlihan is to Dodgeball, what George Colombaris is to… I don’t know, Masterchef?!

Anyway, my point is Colin is the man you want driving the bus when you hop on the train to party town! He knows his food, moreso he knows his bakeries and ethnic foods, and if you ever have the pleasure of being invited on to one of his food safaris I say cancel all other plans and jump on that tractor to taste bud glory!

I have dined with Colin at one of Sydneys finest Kebab and Pizza shops, TC Brothers in Bankstown, on a few previous occasions and seen him order the “Snack Pack”, now widely known in the media as the Halal Snack Pack, whilst I enjoyed a good old Kebab.

But when I woke up this morning I knew something great was going to take place today, I knew I too must go back to TC Brothers with my very own brother and get myself a Snack Pack. What an experience this was to be I thought! And it was!

When we got there Colin was throwing questions at me, asking do you want this, do you want that, but I knew if was going to learn from the master there is only one person who should be answering these questions, him. I said Colin, order whatever your’re having and at the end just say times two thanks. He tried to ask another question or two so as to ensure I enjoyed today’s food journey but I had to stop him right there “whatever you’re having, times two.”

We naturally had to get it to take away as driving under the influence of a Halal Snack Pack although not illegal is very much frowned upon.

How was it?! A-maz-ing. Although I can’t move right now and have taken myself for a little lay down I have no regrets.

As you can see from the image above there is so much food in one of these Snack Packs, that bit covered in what is now melted cheese is meat all the way to the bottom. That’s right, they don’t skimp on the meat in these things, they don’t skimp on anything, and thus is why Colin tells me he has never actually finished one in a single sitting. There is enough meat in a single Snack Pack that if it were laid end to end it would make enough kebabs for 3 grown men, that’s right 3 whole kebabs.

I’m so full right now I’m pretty sure I can safely say I know what it’s like to be preganant, and I’m almost positive I just felt it kick.

I give the Halal Snack Pack 3.5 out of 5 protein stars.

TC Brothers


Phone: (02) 9790 0444 – (02) 9791 6914

Address: 199A Canterbury Road, Bankstown NSW 2200

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