I Invented the Indian Kebab

I know that’s a big call but I want to encourage you too to make such bold statements and here’s a story to illustrate when I think you should be able to…

It was late one night, we were in year 12 I think, and my mates and I were walking an inner Sydney street looking for something to eat after having been to a fashion show that one of their sister’s were involved in designing for, but that’s a whole other story.

We had exhausted our options, or at least at the time it felt that way, when I had a craving for something I’d never had or seen before, something I called the Indian Kebab. I turned to my friends and said “you know what I feel like, an Indian Kebab! Like a Naan with some butter chicken sauce and some of that chicken tikka on it.”

I kid you not but as we walked back towards where the fashion show was there was this Indian Restaurant and Take Away place that I don’t remember seeing on the way. Mind blown. Then, inside the door was this poster advertising, you guessed it, an Indian Kebab! Mind blown-er!

It was almost as I had described it, well it was just like I had but they had generously added a yoghurt type sauce or something, and this other thing that I believe is called an Aloo Chop. I couldn’t believe it, the exact thing I was craving, the exact thing I had invented not 3 minutes earlier and they were already selling it!

So I strongly feel that although I could not claim royalties from the multimillion dollar Indian Kebab trade, and you from your invention that already existed, I can at the very least claim bragging rights and to have invented it as I have a solid case to back me up.

Another little humble brag here but I also invented the phrase “Love your work” that went on to be used widely in society and even made it to a TV ad at one point. Though that was technically me inventing it as it hadn’t already existed so maybe that’s slightly different. But again that’s a story for another time.

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