Melbourne Cup 2016

I felt the need to write a little something about the Melbourne Cup even though the number of people who know less than me on the subject would fit into a mid-sized Volkswagen.

I knew very little about this race up until a few years ago when I started working at my current place of employment, yeah blogging isn’t paying the bills yet so I still need to work elsewhere, I know that comes as a shock and surprise but that’s life I guess. Back in the day I wasn’t one of the students to rush down the local TAB to put a bet on at the end of school. I thought underage betting would be harder to do than underage drinking but it was just as easy for some.

So now I play along, put a couple of dollars in the sweeps at work and stop to watch the race because seriously who wouldn’t stop for free nibblies and to watch a bit of sport during the workday. Even if it is the sport you wouldn’t normally sit down and watch just for entertainment’s sake.

The perfect thing for me about sweeps is I never have any idea who to back, whether it’s for gambling purposes or just to feel a part of it. If only the favourite won all the time it would make this sport easier!

Therefore randomly drawing a name from a hat means that I probably actually end up having more chance of backing a winner than if I were to choose one based on odds or form or whatever else you’re meant to choose a horse on.

Well all the best for today and thank you in advance to those punters at the track who we will see in the news later completely wasted and making a fool of themselves as it means for a brief moment in time I feel slightly more classy than someone.

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