Naming my Blog

I’m not sure if this is already obvious to you via either the name of my blog or if you happen to know me, but I suck at naming things. Like it’s one of my absolute weakest qualities and has always been.

If a website asks me for a username I have nothing, if I join a forum or partake in some other online nerdiness then again I just can’t come up with something. Sometimes to the point where I just leave the website/forum and never return, which might be an overreaction but the last thing I need is to be teased online (which surely will not happen now that I have my own blog).

So I had to come up with a name for this blog and again I couldn’t come up with anything decent, actually I couldn’t come up with anything half decent and even crappy names seemed to be hard to come by. So I thought I’d just see if the domain name was available, it was so that’s it, no need to come up with something new or fancy but my name is now my blogs name, we share a name now.

Chris Waghorn

The guy who writes this blog. I've discovered the joy that eating good food brings so now I want to eat it all and then share it with anyone who will listen.

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