Nowhere High – Tales From The Schoolyard

As I was writing one of my previous posts, I Wrote a Book, it reminded me that I kind of started writing a second one. This was nonfiction though and was a collection of stories from High School.

People always seemed to enjoy hearing the things that took place at the school I went to, not to mention my mates and I get a laugh out of reminiscing about the things that went on there. It was a special place, lots of things happened there, exciting things, entertaining things, funny things, shocking things, many many things. Unfortunately education really wasn’t one of those things but I guess a bunch of stories is almost as good as an education?!

One time after telling a more shocking story to someone they asked me what high school I went to and when I told them they misheard me thinking that I had said “Nowhere High” which I thought was a great description of it, and a great name for a book if it was ever written. One reason I thought so is that the school no longer exists, that’s right, it was such an outstanding facility that they shut it down and surrounded it by a large fence. Someone obviously thought that wasn’t going far enough so they took it upon themselves to set fire to it. Then developers moved in and finished the job off by knocking it down and building housing there.

I had a look over the book and these stories are a little too familiar to me now to know if they are entertaining to anyone anymore or not but I might share one or two and see what others think. Here’s a more light hearted one to get started:

This is one of my favourite stories from school. There was one student that would always get sent out of a particular teacher’s class, actually I think it happened with a couple of teachers, but in his defence he’s a great guy and never got sent out for anything really serious but rather just, allegedly, being a distraction.

I’m not sure what the teacher was thinking, maybe that he was being creative in his punishment, but I don’t think this was his best idea. He was a woodwork teacher and every time he would send a student out he would hand him a saw and tell him to go prune a tree.

He sent this particular student out to this one tree on multiple occasions to trim it a little each time, it was a decent size, maybe a couple of meters tall and was in it’s own little garden edging box like a few others along the path. But eventually the student got sick of this type of punishment so walked out ‘trimmed’ it once again and went straight back in, handed the saw to the teacher and told him he was finished.

The teacher looking a little puzzled popped his out to have a look at why he had come back in so soon and I’m sure was shocked by what he had seen, the student had cut the tree off at the base and left it laying there.

The teacher confused, panicking a little and not really knowing what to do I suppose as he was the one who had handed out the punishment, told the student to quickly hide the tree, come back inside and not to mention this ever again.

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