NSW Road Toll

After reading the article with headline Eight killed in 48 hours on NSW roads from the Daily Liberal I was once again saddened deeply by the road toll this year. As at 24/10/2016 there has been 320 people killed on NSW roads this year, that’s 38 more than the 282 lives lost at the same time last year, which was already way too high.

I don’t know why this year has been so much worse than the last, it’s not like they were linked in any way. I’m also not sure why I seem more affected by it this year, but I don’t hate that it’s in my face, and other peoples, so much at the moment with advertising campaigns and in other forms within the media.

Maybe my level of awareness started last year when I found out through my Facebook feed that a young university student I knew lost his life. Reading that was one of those moments of utter disbelief and praying that it wasn’t true. I’m not trying to bring tragedy closer to me, this was far worse for others than me as I had been out of contact with him for quite some time, but knowing what a lovely kid he was just made it feel even more unfair. Maybe it’s this, maybe it’s because there have been so many lives lost in the local region, people’s friends and family taken away from them, forever.

I know I’m idealistic and all that but I want to see no more lives lost on our roads. Death is not something I’m good with, as stupidly obvious that statement may be to most people, I hate that accidents happen but preventable deaths in all forms saddens me deeply.

I hope and pray for a safer future, that no one you or I know loses their life on our roads ever again.

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