Should Australia Become a Republic?


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Ok, so this is not a comprehensive article on why we shouldn’t become a republic but here a 2 reasons why I don’t think we should, they may not be the most important aspects of the argument but here they are, maybe I’ll have more later.

1) Our flag.

I love our flag and there are many reasons one may debate why to get rid of it or why we should keep it. These debates involve the long history of the flag, both on the for and against side, and looking to the future as a nation, standalone or not. I could go into the reasons why I love the flag but I think I’m better off making one single point on why we shouldn’t change it. Which is, if we were to change it you know, without a doubt, that whatever new design they pick will suck!! Don’t try and convince yourself otherwise, you know that through the whole process we will see some amazing designs but then in the end politicians with no taste will be convinced by someone, or some company, that they should go for this ugly ugly flag that is supposedly full of symbolism.

The whole nation will disagree but it will go ahead, the world will laugh at us, and everyone will look at that flag the same way they look at any Olympic mascot in the past and wonder “What were they thinking?”

2) The cost. It’ll just be one big and expensive rebranding exercise.

Becoming a republic will be just another way the government finds to waste money on the unnecessary. It won’t stop at the rebranding too I’m sure, just think of how much advertising agencies are going to overcharge for every little thing they do. Everything will need changing, and I’m sure they’ll change things that don’t need changing too and pay way too much to have it done.

Such a waste of money when they are already underfunding so many vital services.

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