Sneaky Burger Wollongong

My Rating: I give Sneaky Burger 8 sneakers out of 10.

Not smelly ones but brand new, lovely ones… I should have used a different scoring technique but hey I’ve written it now so I’m going with it.

While in Sydney for no real reason, except of course to eat more good food, the bro and I popped down for a little sneaky burger at Sneaky Burger in Wollongong. Sneaky sneaky.

They have 2 locations, Wollongong and Albion Park Rail, and this time we chose the one at Wollongong.

Sneaky Burger Menu

We had the address and chucked that into Google Maps but to be honest still had a little trouble finding the place. We didn’t give up though and eventually found it situated at the end of a row of shops/thoroughfare/whatever it’s called on the ground level of a taller building.

He said we needed to try the Holy Trinity burger with a Mozzarella Patty on it… and some loaded pork fries to go with it.

We spoke to the man himself, the provider of that blue magic (one of his favourite sayings it seems), the owner of Sneaky Burger, and asked for his most popular burger.

Sneaky Burger

This was a very tasty burger! Sneaky Burger know what they are doing. That Mozzarella patty to was a great addition. I have confidence in them, their other burgers, sauces, chips, all of it. I’m prepared to recommend them even though I haven’t eaten a lot of their food.

The man himself is, Mr Sneaky or whatever his name is, has a passion for his burgers and his food. He takes pride in serving up great food and although my photos on this occasion don’t do it justice you should really go try it out for yourself.

Sneaky Burger Loaded Fries

Sneaky Burger Website

They don’t seem to have a website so here’s a link to their Facebook page

Sneaky Burger Locations


Albion Park Rail

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Sneaky Burger Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Albion Park Rail

Sneaky Burger Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Albion Park Rail

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