Son of Zorn

There’s this show on TV at the moment called Son of Zorn and I don’t like it, but I seem to watch it every week, and thinking about it I’m now afraid I’ll grow to like it.

I’m going to go off topic a little here, yes very early in the piece but hey I write the words as they come to mind. Anyway, so there has been the odd occasion that a song has come on the radio and I don’t like it, it doesn’t grab me and I don’t enjoy listening to it. But then it hits me, I think to myself “I bet this song wears me down and I end up loving it” and that annoys me no end. Then sure enough I start to enjoy it but remember I hated it and have weird mixed feelings until eventually I like it and I can’t remember if it was one of the songs I used to hate or not. Yeah this may sound dumb but I don’t get how my brain works either.

I hope this doesn’t happen with Son of Zorn. I don’t know why I am so defiant to not like something sometimes but I am and I will be annoyed at myself if I end up liking this, until of course by brain shuts down the part of my memory that kept tabs of me hating it and I just like it. Anyway, that better not happen.

My main reason for this is that I’ve never understood movies that were part human actors and part animation. It doesn’t work in my mind, how are these people looking at animated characters and treating them like it’s normal, like there is nothing wrong with an animated character using animated props in the real world. I’m getting the feeling that some people may call me small minded and tell me that I should just accept people for who they are, but animated characters in the real world I just can’t.

(Don’t get me started on movies starring animals/pets by the way)

Animation works, real world stuff works, but combine the two and that’s just not my thing, I don’t think it works.

But here’s the thing that Son of Zorn has going for it, the one thing that has me coming back week after week to watch it, it’s so simple yet so genius. If you’re a TV producer reading this article you’re going to want to tune in to the next few paragraphs as you will find out how to make a show a success.

It all has to do with the programming, yes, this show is on when there is nothing else to watch on TV. That’s the biggest thing it has going for it, and that is why I find myself watching it week in and out. I guess there is a tiny other factor at play here and that is that it must somehow be ever so slightly, by the smallest margin, less irritating than all other shows on at that time.

But by having these two factors align you can ensure that a TV series has more viewers than other shows on at the same time. Disclaimer: I have not looked at the ratings for it and am basing this fact purely on at the time it’s on and I’m watching it as far as I know Son of Zorn has one viewer and all other shows have zero.

So there’s no need to have the biggest budget for a show and no need to put in your best effort but rather just aim for a time slot and make it less irritating than other shows on at that time. In the end you may wear viewers down and eventually make people love it, then they might go on to peer pressure others into watching and before you know it you have a hit on your hands. Or it fails miserably, one or the other.

For the record I’m currently in the frame of mind where I don’t like it but have it on as background noise while I do other things. Hopefully some other channel will put another show on less irritating than this one before I start to like it.

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