The Choc Pot – Regent Place, George St, Sydney CBD, NSW

After a big meal, on this occasion it was Chicken & Sons, what we all need is a big dessert and the Choc Pot is a good place to get that.

The Choc Pot Sydney

So my brother and I take the Victorian cousins over to The Choc Pot after our meal at Chicken & Sons and this place looks great. Great layout, great looking dessert, perfect for the chocolate/ice cream/dessert loving person.

The Choc Pot Sydney CBD

I leave the ordering on this occasion to my brother, if there’s someone who knows how to work a menu it is him. Speaking of menu The Choc Pot has a great one.

Fantastic photos of each dessert, each given their own page in a book style menu, great for getting a real sense of what you’re ordering.

So we have this big group with us, 13 of us to be exact and at least a few are kids so we’re going to need to get enough sugar to go around.

My brother, Col, and a cousin or two head over to the counter after we had drooled over the menu for a while and Col works his magic.

He starts at page one, “we’ll have one of those”, page two, “we’ll have one of those too”, turns the page “one of those”, “one of those”, turns the page, “one of those”, “one of those”… and so on until he’s ordered one of everything. Except for some share/sampler type plate but when you have one of everything you already have that.

Now we do the right thing and wait for a photo opportunity, and want to make sure we see all the offerings as a whole before digging in, therefore we wait until all desserts are made and placed on the table before tasting anything.

Chocolate and Ice Cream

After we waited and all was laid out in front of us a guy who I can only guess was the manager/owner of this place asked us who we were and where we were from. I never say I have a food blog or anything like that, I go to places, I eat, I see what it’s like without any bias and then tell others about my experience. I like it that way.

So we just explain how we had the cousins up from Victoria, then there were some there from Sydney, and me from Dubbo, but that we just like to do what we call food safaris and visit a bunch of places in a day and try as much food as we can.

Anyway, he asks if he can take a photo as they’ve never had to make an order like this before and of course we said yes.

But then it was time to dig in.

This was one of the best eating experiences I’ve had to be honest. If you have the opportunity do something like this I say. Order a whole heap of dishes, but don’t bother about sitting down. We all stayed standing, each with a fork/spoon in hand and wandered around around the table trying different desserts at our leisure, chatting about them, laughing, having fun.

At times someone would discover a taste or element on one plate and urge everyone to try it, and there’d always be conversation on the food and experience. It was a really good time.

The food was great, I mean ice cream, chocolate, waffle, waffle cones, crepes, it was all dessert and we all know dessert is not only the best but most important meal of the day.

I give them 7.5 pots of chocolate out of 10.

The Choc Pot
Mon – Wed 12:00pm to 10:00pm
Thurs – Sun 12:00pm to 10:30pm
Fri – Sat 12:00pm to 11:00pm
Regent Place, 501 George St, SYDNEY, NSW 2000

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