The Little Paris Kitchen

This is my new favourite cooking show. I went through a period where although I don’t cook lots, besides the usual meals, I really enjoyed watching cooking shows and when there was nothing else to watch on TV I knew I could just flick over to the Food Network and watch whatever was on. But then I went through a lull where I wasn’t really feeling them anymore, that is until I found Rachel Khoo and her The Little Paris Kitchen show.

There are a few things that I love about this show, firstly the food, it’s fantastic, the variety is amazing, the flavours sound and look so good, and I just want to eat it all.

Then there is the kitchen, to see what she cooks on and the equipment, or lack of equipment, she uses is inspiring I guess. Yeah I know she has skills and a lot of training behind her but it gives you hope that you don’t need amazing cooktops, ovens, and utensils to make great food. She cooks on a camp stove, yep a small 2 burner gas stove that you would use for camping. Her oven is comparative in size and is one of those ones you can buy and put on a bench top or similar.

Finally, it’s a restaurant!! Yes, it’s not only her apartment that is so small she sleeps on a futon that needs to be folded up each morning so that she can use her kitchen. It is also the smallest restaurant in Paris, The Little Paris Kitchen, and only has enough room to serve 4 customers at a time.

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