At the moment Twitter has blown up with people tweeting about the Presidential Debates currently on right now somewhere in the U.S. of A. (Just a reminder I don’t do unnecessary research like in what city they are taking place) so I thought it was time that I shared a question I’ve had for ages and asked “how?”, how is this man still in the race to be President?

Let’s leave the majority of his craziness aside for a moment, his bad policies, his not thinking before he speaks, the comments that could incite war and focus on one thing, his lies. I just don’t understand how someone who lies so badly over and over is still in the running. Yeah we say all politicians lie but this guy has his words in writing through his own hands on things such as Twitter but also through quotes in many different written articles etc. Then there is also the things he says on camera, recorded and undeniable that he has said them yet he denies he ever said any of these things.

It blows me away that he says these things and then later turns around and says no I didn’t. I just don’t get how he is still there when his lies are so blatant!

If he was here in Australia he would have had to withdraw by now. I don’t understand American politics, I just don’t get it.

Chris Waghorn

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