Why a Blog Chris?

That’s a good question, I’m glad you asked.

It all started one Sunday at about midday over a cheese platter with two friends whilst the rain continued to fall outside for yet another day.

One of them asked what I had planned for that afternoon and I replied something along the lines of “as usual nothing really” to which one of them responded “You need a hobby!” and before we I knew it we were in a brainstorming session.

Ideas were thrown around such as building stuff, painting, colour by numbers, scrapbooking, wood carving, then one of them (I’m not naming names as I’m happy too but am unsure as to if they would appreciate it or not, if they read this and would like the credit for what they started then I’d love to put their names in)… anyway one of them exclaimed “I know what you should do!!”

She then paused for effect which I thought was a lovely touch…

“Blogging! You should blog!”

We discussed this idea, I was of course diligently listening and taking mental notes as I didn’t know what I would blog about but was told it’s easy all I need to do is pick a subject I know stuff about and write about that!

I took this on board and went away to silently meditate on this idea, which brought me to 2 conclusions:

1) there isn’t a single subject I know enough about to start a blog on

2) there was really only 1 conclusion but for writings sake it seemed better to have a second point

It was then that I realised if I focused on one subject I would be doomed, for reasons including that I would reach my knowledge limit very early on and that would mean that if I wanted to continue I would have to do research on the topic. Hashtag that was not going to happen.

So here’s what my blog is about, it’s about the past, present and future, yes I’m prepared to write on the future even though it hasn’t happened but as if it already had if need be. I’ll probably write about things that have happened to me or that I have had the pleasure of watching, or displeasure, I’ll write about current affairs possibly but do reserve the right to write about them with limited knowledge, research and understanding of the subject. Sometimes what I write will be garbage and others it might even deserve a C-, anyway let’s see what happens and how long I keep it up for.

This will also be an exercise in just typing something up and hitting publish, I usually overthink things and end up not having the courage to put stuff out there. So let’s see if I can do this, and if I can, you should be warned that you will roll your eyes at a lot of stuff but hopefully at some point if you persevere with me you may even be entertained.

Chris Waghorn

The guy who writes this blog. I've discovered the joy that eating good food brings so now I want to eat it all and then share it with anyone who will listen.

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